Tonight’s Bond of Love: Jessica’s Memory Recovers After Knowing Iqbal’s Secret, Al is Happy to Free Mama Rosa

BUSINESS POTENTIAL – Episode Love Bond January 24, 2022 tell, if possible Jessica managed to escape from the supervision of subordinates Irvan and discover Randy. Then it could be memory Jessica recover when you know the secret Iqbal so far.

Jessica keep looking for ways to escape from the supervision of subordinates Irvan and finally he escaped from that custody. He immediately went to find Randy by morning cafe.

Even that meeting might happen, Al and Andin deliberately came there so they could meet with Jessica.

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Previously Randy proposes to Al that the only way to find out further facts is from Jessica alone.

Randy tell Al if Jessica who knows about the chronology of his past, hopefully by inviting Jessica meet there will be new facts that can free Mama Rosa.

To anticipate Jessica hysterical, hopefully Al can bring in a psychiatrist to calm him down Jessica when I heard the name Dennis.

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Precisely with this action can launch Jessica tells about the chronology of his past.

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