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Poprad hired a Russian goalkeeper and defender from the KHL

yesterday 22:38

29-year-old Russian goalkeeper Anton Todykov and 30-year-old Canadian defender Mikael Tam have joined the staff of HK Poprad hockey players.

“The end of the transfer period is approaching and we needed to expand the roster and support the defense. We also needed to strengthen the goalkeeper position. Our results and the performance of the goalkeepers were not optimal.” said HK Poprad director Ľudovít Jurinyi for the club website.

Todykov has had 31 KHL starts, but has spent most of his career in Russia’s Higher League (VHL). The 2021/2022 season began in the Viťaza Podoľsk team, in whose jersey he had an 82.4-percent success rate in five appearances and an average of 4.62 goals collected per match. In the current year, he also joined Riazaň in the VHL. In 4 matches, he achieved a 93.6 percent success rate and an average of 2.01 goals per game.

“This part of the season is very difficult to find a quality player at a reasonable price, also given the financial possibilities of the club. I am glad that we succeeded and it is up to the boys how I manage it. The team is strong, but they have to stick together as one team. and will be successful, “ said Jurinyi.

Todykov will be joined in the Poprad team by goalkeepers Marek Čiliak and Tomáš Tomek. “After my premature end in Podolsk, just before the deadline for transfers in Russia, I approached two agents to find me a job at a good club in Europe. Poprad belongs to them and was the most active. He offered me good conditions and it was also important that the former Poprad player Iľja Davydov gave me good references.

I will try to help Poprad and I want to keep growing and improving my performance. It is important to have the right approach not only in the match, but also in training and play with the heart. I believe that Poprad and I will advance to the finals and make a success, “ Todykov told hkpoprad.sk.

Defender Mikael Tam was born in Canada, but also has Chinese citizenship. He started the 2021/2022 season in the KHL and in the jersey of the Red Star Kchun-lun he had 1 goal, 2 assists, 15 penalty minutes and 6 minus points in 19 matches. “We have focused on a defensive defender who will be responsible at the back. We have chosen Mikael, who is two-way, and we expect an overall improvement in our defense activities and the game.” dodal Jurinyi.

There he has worked in the lower overseas competitions AHL and ECHL, he has also played in Norway and the Russian High League. “The agent had the task of finding me a new club and Poprad showed interest. I immediately called David Bondr and he told me only the best about the club and the city. That’s why I’m very happy to be able to play in Poprad,” said Tam.

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