Tonight Vice Presidents Face Each Other: Why This Debate Matters

Utah was soon chosen because of the image that the whole country is important. But not before strict agreements were made to guarantee the safety of the candidates.

Those demands came mainly from the Democratic side. Throughout the campaign, Joe Biden has already radiated that he takes the corona virus seriously, unlike the president. It has thus become part of the campaign strategy.

Mandatory test

That is why the vice presidential candidates are required to be tested for corona in advance tonight. According to the presenter of the debate between Trump and Biden Trump came too late for that, which made it impossible to test.

Furthermore, there will now be a partition of Plexiglass between Pence and Harris and they will be further apart. Do not stand.

This time, the public must also strictly adhere to the rules: anyone who takes off their mouth mask will be immediately evicted from the room. In the previous debate, Trump’s campaign team and family immediately took off their caps as soon as they took their seats, except for first lady Melania.

The Trump team initially opposed these security measures, also because Pence tested negative, but the fact remains that he was close to the president when he contracted the virus. Pence eventually agreed to the agreements and says he is looking forward to a solid substantive debate.

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