Oh, Durrat Al-Dorar .. watch the glamorous beauty in her latest appearance

The photo session came with the lens of Mad Hallon, showing the artist, “Dora”, in a long black dress and velvet.

Dora let her hair fall softly on her shoulder with calm makeup and red lipstick.

On the other hand, the artist “Dora” fought in the Ramadan 2020 race in the series “Haramlek 2”, which is the Syrian-Lebanese series, which is a historical work that tells about the period in which the Ottomans lived, and the events of the second part touched on many historical details, including the bankruptcy of the Ottoman Empire And he deposed Sultan Abdul Aziz and exploited these opportunities illegally.

It is noteworthy that the artist “Dora” holds a certificate of in-depth studies in the field of political science from the capital, “Tunis”, and she entered the field of art after joining the Teatro troupe, where she participated for the first time in the play “Majnoun”, directed by “Tawfiq Al-Jabali” and participated in films International In 2007, the artist “Kazem El Saher” participated in the clip of the song “Nai”, and participated in a number of Egyptian series “In 2010, Shame, and in 2011 Al Rayyan and Adam.”

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