Tomorrow belongs to us: Soraya and Thomas will they soon be in a relationship?

This week promises to be very eventful in Tomorrow belongs to us, with a new victim of the rapist and a revolution among high school students … Enough to make quite a commotion in the heart of the city of Sète. There is also a question that many viewers ask themselves in the series of TF1. After the merger of Soraya and Thomas, will they end up becoming a couple? Will the young woman definitively break up with Rémy? For the moment, we don’t have the official answer to this question, but we can easily guess the future … If this intrigue has landed in the heart of Tomorrow belongs to us, It is not by chance. Soraya and Rémy’s relationship has never really fascinated the crowds and the latter is not much appreciated by viewers.

Despite Rémy’s efforts to reconquer Soraya in the next episodes of the series TF1, the latter will continue to get closer to Thomas who will even offer her flowers and will do anything to seduce her. For the moment, it’s still hard to imagine a solid love story between them since the cook is behind bars, but we can obviously expect these two to crack and still try something! Who knows, Thomas may finally be able to get out of prison and finally live a real love story with Soraya in the months to come … And we would like to discover this in the series of TF1 ! Waiting, here are our theories about the rapist’s identity in Tomorrow belongs to us.



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