Tomorrow belongs to us: A shooting at the police station, Bart at worst … What do the next episodes have in store for you? (SPOILERS)

While Anne Caillon (Flora) recently revealed to us if her character would forgive Bart in the sequel to Tomorrow belongs to us, the young man will experience very painful moments soon in the series of TF1. In prison, his son will be abused but he will also experience major health problems. If he can count on the support of his lawyer Virginie who will then do everything to try to get him out of prison, his mother Flore should end up taking on her to get closer to Bart. At the same time, Charlie will do his best to protect his brother Luke to prevent him from doing the irreparable. So they shouldn’t be leaving for the United States anytime soon.

Next week in Tomorrow belongs to us sure TF1, A shooting will take place at the police station, putting the lives of many police officers in danger, including that of Georges. And it could be that it was an old friend of Jules’ father who would try to avenge the death of Corkas! Rose and Antoine on their side will end up getting closer in the next episodes after all this story of admirer … Will they form a new couple? And Souleymane, will he accept this situation? Finally, we will know if Cristelle will end up deceiving Sylvain in Demain Belongs to Us, of which Ariane S├ęguillon has also given us some secrets on the subject. Meet at 7:20 p.m. on Monday TF1 to see it all!



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