Tomás Cardona and Alex Díez, sound strong to sign for Las Palmas | BE Las Palmas

Two full-backs are the ones that are sounding very loud in the last hours to reinforce the defense of the Las Palmas Sports Union.

The first to come to the fore was Alex Diez, right side, who has been released after the descent of the Estremadura a Second B. Rayo Vallecano and Club Deportivo Tenerife They have been interested in taking over the services of the Extremaduran player, but everything indicates that he will arrive in Gran Canaria since he has been offered a contract for the next three seasons, so it is expected that it can be made official shortly. The player environment supports the contacts and how advanced the negotiations are.

The other side, in this case the left-handed man, is the Argentine Tomás Cardona, 24-year-old player who has been playing for Godoy Cruz and who has also been interested in leading teams from his country such as Newells or Boca Juniors himself. The yellow technical secretariat is working so that it can arrive as a loan officer with a purchase option.

The Argentine team of San Lorenzo can be key for the player’s departure to Europe since they have 40% of the property of the South American defender.

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