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Tokyo 2020: China won the first gold medal

The first final at the five-ring games in Tokyo ended, which has now traditionally been the finale of women’s air rifles. The gold medal was won by Chinese Yang Jong with an Olympic peak ahead of Russian Anastasia Galasina and Swiss Nina Christen.

The final brought an extremely fierce and twisting battle. Russia’s Anastasia Galasina, who finished last in the eighth final, and China’s sixth-grader, Jang Xi, both scored well in the two-fifth series, and Jeanette Hegg Duestad, who topped the 632.9-lap Olympic record in the main event, seemed to be in the fight for the 14th shot.

The Norwegian later had to settle for fourth place, while Chinese and Russian excellence took turns at the top in the two-shot stages. Before the final set, Galasina led by a single tenth, then after the 23rd shot, he had a two-tenth advantage when the fatal, final hit followed: the number’s silver medalist in the number ended the race with 8.9, so Jang Chien also had a restrained 9.8 was to win the first gold medal at the Tokyo Games with a 251.8 lap Olympic peak.

The Hungarian Eszter Mészáros also started in this competition 20th place finished.

TOKYO 2020
1. Yang Qi (China) 251.8 lap (Olympic peak)
2. Anastasia Galasina (Russian team) 251.1
3. Nina Christen (Switzerland) 230.6
Jeanette Hegg Duestad (Norway) 209.3
5. Océanne Muller (France) 187.7
6. Mary Tucker (United States) 166.0

20. Eszter Mészáros 625.3

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