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Today at Librería Sur: the magic of books

In The Magic of Books Prieto Figueroa offers advice to guide reading, especially but not exclusively for young people, and to understand the magical nature of books, but not because of the corny things that are usually said generically about them to justify their existence, but because it is the only right word for an object that gathers around it every day people who often have nothing in common with each other other than a taste for reading.

La Carraca arises from the idea that there is an impressive number of books forgotten or lost in time, that no one thinks about publishing and that they can give a message to a large number of people, especially Venezuelans, who are looking for certain answers or where see themselves reflected, on the other hand it is also an effort to recover and appropriate at least a small part of what Chavismo has plundered by putting back into circulation the bibliographical work of publishers such as Monte Ávila and Biblioteca Ayacucho that are kidnapped just like the state.

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