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Opinion poll Maurice de Hond remains extremely disappointed in the WHO, the World Health Organization. Although there is increasing scientific evidence that aerosols play a critical role in the distribution of corona, the organization’s medical advice is only being adjusted slightly. The Dog gets “tears in his eyes.”

One thing is clear, Maurice de Hond’s cold war against the WHO and RIVM is far from over. This morning, the social geographer on Twitter once again expressed disappointment at the work of the global organization to protect human health. The reason for the renewed annoyance is a question and answer session published on the website yesterday about how the corona virus spreads.

De Hond sees that the WHO has moved up only a millimeter compared to the earlier position that aerosols – very small droplets – are do not play any role:

“If you want to see a snail run extra slowly, you should look at this new WHO Q&A on aerosoles.

To get tears in your eyes. ”

The WHO writes that the role of aerosols “cannot be excluded,” but immediately states at the end that more scientific research is needed to better investigate this method of distribution. According to De Hond, that is bastard, because that role has long been proven beyond any doubt in his view. In his view, it leads to wrong measures to combat COVID-19 – such as keeping unnecessary 1.5 meters in the open air, in his view. Also, not enough is being invested in modernizing ventilation systems.

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The fact that authorities are still not properly aware of the dangers of the coronavirus is a source of irritation. On Twitter, De Hond regularly reports that he has thrown a few loafers at his viewing tube. For example, a press conference from the Security Regions about the pandemic cost him Tuesday “Two shoes and a television.”

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