Rosario Piedra accuses the opposition of “trying to make the CNDH hostage to vested interests”

Mary of the Rosary Piedra Ibarraowner of National Human Rights Commission (CNDH)he accused the opposition of wanting to make that autonomous body hostage to vested interests.

When appearing before members of the Human Rights Commission of the Chamber of Deputiesshe also defended her recommendation on electoral matters and warned of the risks in electing the next councillors, assuring that she herself was elected using a similar method and is now receiving pressure.

“I have come to defend the CNDH from lies with a partisan prejudice, many lies have been told about our work, worse still, they have tried to make it invisible as if the CNDH no longer exists or should cease to exist, that is what they wanted”, he said.

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As for the recommendation to approve the electoral reform of the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, said that although the Constitution limits the competence of the CNDH regarding electoral matters, this has been analyzed and approved by its advisory council; “But some members, derived from the ardor of the debate, have gone ahead to contradict their own actions and insult the CNDH.”

For this reason, he recommended, the election of directors should not be left in the hands of the parties.

“What happens with the advisory council is proof of how wrong it is to maintain the current system which grants parties the power to elect their own members, as it happens with the councilors of INE. This worked when the Presidents of the Republic and the parties agreed on the election of the head and councilors of the CNDH, even my own election proves it, trying to make the CNDH hostage to partisan interests starting from the assumption that I would be indebted to the lawmakers and parties,” he asked.

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He said that the recommendation on electoral matters “provides elements for the authorities to diligently establish all those necessary measures concerning the right to democracy, the right of assembly, the rights of association, the right to social protest, as well as the right to memory. “and sincerely”.

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He added that the CNDH was not ignorant of what the opposition calls “militarization”, and explained that it follows from the analysis it has made of this reform, “our decision not to file an action of unconstitutionality is derived, since it is evident that there is no alleged unconstitutionality because the art National guard retains its civil character.

Piedra Ibarra said that today the CNDH functions more than ever as an autonomous body.

“It is more autonomous than ever, not only vis-à-vis the federal government, but also vis-à-vis parties, groups of economic and political power and, above all, de facto powers”.

She assured that the media are attacking her because they don’t pay a single cent for advertising “or million-dollar contracts to journalists and commentators for jobs that have not served the victims”.

“That’s why they attack us, that’s why they have to invent banknotes, but there’s no going back, we’re not going to waste people’s money distributing chayote so that they praise us, and we’re never going to be managers of politicians again,” he added. .

The ombudsman argued that the electoral process in which she became president of the CNDH was so legal that all protections and appeals filed were dismissed.

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He also stressed that the autonomous body has not been ignored in the cases of children with cancer, since it has 8 files related to the shortage of cancer drugs, as well as several requests to hospital units to guarantee these drugs.

He added that they have not been omitted in addressing human rights violations due to the Covid 19 pandemic; “751 practices were registered, of which 691 were concluded”; that I have not turned a deaf ear to immigration matters since 15 recommendations concerning human rights violations were issued, while “in the first three years of my administration, 229 precautionary measures were issued in favor of individuals or groups of migrants”.

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In defense of journalists and communicators, he said, we have always declared ourselves in favor of giving them maximum protection: “Since the beginning of my administration and until October 31st of this year, we have registered 162 cases, of which 127 were concluded, while that 383 warnings have been issued”.

Finally, he assured that before his arrival, the CNDH was the most expensive office in Latin America; “It was more expensive than the Inter-American Court of Human Rights itself,” which is why they canceled overseas trips, medical insurance, high-ranking officer per diems, cell phones for personal use, bodyguards, an exclusive chef, and three vans luxury armored vehicles that were at the disposal of the presidency.

With information from Enrique Gomez

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