Tim, Gubitosi ready to take a step back to facilitate the Kkr- Corriere.it operation

Tim’s CEO Luigi Gubitosi ready to take a step back. The manager has sent a letter to the directors in which he would have given the availability to leave the position if this should be necessary to facilitate the evaluation of the offer of Kkr. Our duty to protect the interests of all stakeholders. In particular, the market writes Gubitosi. the outcome of the clash with Vivendi, Tim’s first shareholder, who has been targeting the manager for several weeks. An extraordinary council is scheduled for Friday 26 November in which, it has been said for days, the French would like to discourage Gubitosi.

The board of directors of 26

The letter from the manager, rather than anticipating a possible decision to that effect, indicates that the clash with Vivendi cannot jeopardize the Kkr takeover bid, and therefore Gubitosi is ready to make the proxies available to the board so that the transaction can be examined. . Tim’s French shareholders accuse Gubitosi of soliciting Kkr’s proposal and took the fight to a personal level. The council will make its assessments, but at this point everything suggests that the pressing of the French will prevail.


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