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Centralized Management: Achieving Control and Cost Reduction in the Multicloud Era

A single management pursues many objectives: reducing attack surfaces by controlling access (a particularly sensitive issue in recent years and which will be so for a long time to come), guaranteeing performance and availability, massively reducing costs.

To achieve centralization, it is necessary to be able to rely on high-performance and perfectly configured solutions. In this context, it is necessary to establish an audit of the company’s data capital, to ensure technical monitoring and to ensure the adaptation of resources over time, in order to guarantee the right solutions, associated with the good uses, without risk of IT drift.

Towards multiple use cases

The unique vision of the volumes of data managed and the associated technologies, regardless of the solutions, Cloud and/or on-premises, operated by the company, open the way to a wide variety of use cases. Here is an example:

For a DPO working together with his CISO, the consolidation of the vision of the data held by the company is the starting point for demanding and successful compliance, in the same way as all the protection measures that will have been defined. . This consolidated visibility also contributes to the implementation of backup plans and PRA/PCA, always and again the ultimate defense against the loss of its data.

Operationally, a single management becomes a must in the journey to the Cloud and multicloud. It frees administrators from multiple training related to the specificities of each Cloud provider, frees the company from certain constrained technological choices and offers more latitude, if necessary, to repatriate useful data on site.

Containing, exposing and protecting are therefore central pillars for controlling the risk of data dispersion in the multicloud.

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