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“TikToker and Personal Trainer Diagnosed with Lung Inflammation After Year of Vaping”


A TikToker and personal trainer in California was diagnosed with pneumonitis or inflammation of the lungs after one year of consuming electronic cigarettes or vapes.

The woman named Lucy Turchin, who is now 35 years old, admitted that she felt short of breath for 9 months after experiencing swelling in her lung tissue. Now, he must use an N95 mask while in public spaces to prevent inhaling certain irritants or chemicals.

Turchin described his condition as a ‘nightmare’ and said his world was shattered after receiving the diagnosis.

“I had a wonderful life ahead of me. Now I’m just bedridden and short of breath all the time,” said Turchin.

The first symptoms he felt 4 months after consuming electronic cigarettes. At that time, he felt frequent shortness of breath followed by intense pain and discomfort in his throat.

“My lungs felt like there were chemicals burning in them,” he said.

Now, Turchin has to use a wheelchair to walk long distances and continues to use a mask to avoid certain substances that he cannot breathe.

“I have to be extra careful about exposure to chemicals. I can’t use bleach at home. I also have to be careful about exposure to cigarette smoke,” he concluded.

“I think it’s safer (than conventional cigarettes). I think I’m doing something healthier,” he added.

Quoted from Daily Mail, Although many consider vape or e-cigarettes to be safer options than conventional cigarettes, research has shown that e-cigarettes are just as dangerous as conventional cigarettes.

The popularity of electronic cigarettes or vapes continues to increase every year, especially among young people. Recent studies show that e-cigarettes also increase the risk of liver disorders and are not effective in helping someone to quit smoking.

“It is important to understand that electronic cigarettes are not safer than conventional cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes have the potential to harm the lungs because they inhale harmful chemicals that can damage the lungs,” explained Dr. Ever Alias, MD, in response to one of Turchin’s videos.

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