TikTok owner ByteDance is working on Face Swap-like function | NOW

ByteDance, the Chinese parent company of TikTok and the Chinese variant Douyin, is working on a deep-phase function, writes TechCrunch. Market researcher Watchful.ai discovered in the code of both apps a function similar to Face Swap, with which you can swap faces.

Watchful.ai made screenshots of the code, which has not yet been made public. It shows that users must first measure the biometric data of their face with the app. This means that you first have to make images where you blink with your eyes, nod and open and close your mouth.

The app also first checks your identity, so that you cannot just upload a deepfake from someone else. In addition, a scan of your face is made in advance. It is then possible to paste your face on another face in a number of videos for which ByteDance has the rights. You can share this clip with others.

Watchful.ai also found a new general condition regarding privacy. For example, the uploaded face scans should only be used to establish your identity. Moreover, the function may not be used by minors. This is remarkable, because most users are in the Netherlands under eighteen years.

TapTok leaves in a comment TechCrunch know that the function “is probably meant for Douyin”.

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