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Tijuana vs Santos (1-5) Octavio Rivero puts Guerreros on top

Editorial Half-time

Mexico City / 04/12/2020 21:23:27


‘The damn Day 1 is over’, with these words Luis Garcia began the transmission prior to the last meeting of the first date of the eLiga between Santos and Xolos, where Octavio Rivero, from the laguneros, surprised at the controls with a great game thrashing 5-1 to Alexis Castro, who could not do anything to avoid the superleadership of the albiverdes.

Before starting this meeting, Jorge Campos wanted to talk about Luis Miguel, whom he says he never met in his native Acapulco; And while that story had nothing to do with the duel on duty, it served to make time for the two players to be ready.

And so Day 1 started for them, with Octavio Rivero nervous at first, which was taken advantage of by Alexis Castro, who drew attention for preferring Miler Bolaños on the court to Edwin Cardona.

In the beginning Luis García asked for a criminal when Gibran Lajud committed a strong sweep over Julio Furch, the goalkeeper was cautioned, but the foul was outside the area; nothing happened in the attack, but the worst play of the day did occur, when Alexis midfield sent the ball out from left to the right wing, jokingly justifying that he thought there was an injured player and tried to do fair play.

Then came the rain of goals, first Tijuana with Camilo Sanvezzo at 21 ’, but it didn’t last long for Castro, as Rivero He gave him five goals, standing out as the best gamer of the day.

Matheus Dória and Brian Lozano (volley) they turned the scoreboard and in the second half, Julius Furch did the third, Lush again appeared with the left-handed room and even in FIFA 20 was present Eduardo Aguirre pumping the ball to Lajud for the final 5-1, where the goalkeeper also stood out Jonathan Orozco, but with criticism from Carlos Guerrero and Luis Garcia calling it “pseudo-Orozco”, since it does not resemble that of real life.

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