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“Throw out Alejandro Fantino” SHOW El Intransigente

Nothing was saved and exploded when he saw the images of the return of a true classic that he made burn America TV. Happens that Marina Calabró on Radio Miter, analyzed what happened in «The Football Show», and ended up asking that production not allow Alejandro Fantino be present again, as it stole the limelight from Toti Pasman in the first show, where he “passed on” his leadership.

“Yesterday ‘El Show del Fútbol’ started in America with the leadership of Toti Pasman,” the journalist began by assuring that it is also part of the aforementioned signal, more precisely from “TV Nostra.” “He sent me the photo, I do not understand what happened,” said Diego Leuco, who is replacing Jorge Lanata, who is currently in Miami for work reasons.

«He is a gladiator, he is Alejandro Fantino who broke into the studio to enthrone Toti because he is an order of knights and Pasman is ‘King Juan Carlos’. He entered with a metal mask and a sword. I don’t even know how to qualify it, this is unspeakable. Is Fantino okay? Has anyone checked? What does it say? He has a sword in his hand. No, it’s not right, “he launched Marina Calabró while listening to the dialogue.

«You don’t ask me if the program is cute or ugly, because Fantino with what we could qualify as a stupid thing? … he stole all the prominence from Pasman. It is more alive than hunger, don’t ask me how Pasman was because I have no idea. The only thing I kept from ‘El Show del Fútbol’ was Fantino, the helmet, the sword and the music, “said the columnist once again.

«It was all true, he does not skimp on production costs. At some point Toti will shine, yesterday was not the day, Fantino went and killed the point. Throw out Alejandro Fantino “, asked Marina Calabró before the emblematic figure of one of the most prestigious conductors of the media in our country. “You have to do the next program with sword in hand,” said Leuco. “It amused me, I thought it was nice,” said the journalist.

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