“Through the thorns to …” the first vote took place; participant is not at peace with the decision – Show business

Although the project participants all said that in their opinion, Sarmīte, who suffers from gambling addiction, should go home, the experts decided differently – a newcomer Edgars was seated on the voting strip, joined by Ina and Inga.

Summarizing the performance of the participants and the expert evaluation, Ina from Tallinn was sent home this time – a woman who suffered from violence and came to the project to overcome psychological trauma and be a full-fledged mother to her four daughters.

The professionals who worked with the participants during the project emphasized Ina’s reluctance to get involved in the classes, while the woman herself said that it was only now that she was starting to open up because, unlike others, she needed more time.

Ina did not hide that she is very longed for her children and wants to meet them, while Liene Stepena, the manager of “Through Thorns to …”, emphasized that her mother’s work is the most beautiful and at the same time the most difficult, and her mother is always her favorite.

In her turn, Jānis Bukums, saying goodbye to the project participant, wanted Ina to look more often at the beautiful things she gives to her children, than to visit one, which, subjectively, she has not succeeded.


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