Chinese SMIC has successfully manufactured the first 7nm chips

The Cold War between the United States and China, which is adding more and more Chinese companies to the US sanctions list, has accelerated the development of new production processes in China. For some time, information has been circulating on the Internet about how Chinese companies are dragging production process experts from the Taiwanese company TSMC, offering two to three times the salary of TSMC.

The result for yourself he didn’t wait long. The Chinese company SMIC has the first successful tape-out of 7nm chips and even reports that the chips for Innosilicon have been manufactured and are working. Compared to the current 14nm production technology, SMIC reports a significant improvement in the parameters of the chips and adds that so far it is not possible to achieve sufficiently high frequencies compared to the competition, which undoubtedly means Samsung and TSMC.

Of course, it can be assumed that these are small and simple chips so far, but we will see where China can make it in a year or two. So far it is not EUV lithography.

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