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Three senior officials are linked to the sale of masks to the government | News from El Salvador

The prosecution has opened investigations against the three servers, as well as against others.

Between June 17 and 25, newspaper publications have revealed that the Government did business with companies linked to officials, taking advantage of the health emergency decreed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The first case to be revealed was that of the President of the Environmental Fund of El Salvador (FONAES), Jorge Aguilar Zarco.

On June 17, the digital newspaper Salud con Lupa published a report signed by the journalist Cecibel Romero, that the company INSEMA, SA de CV, owned by the family of the president of Fonaes, had sold 100 thousand protectors to the Ministry of Health facials in the amount of 250,000 thousand dollars.

Jorge Aguilar sold masks as the owner of the Environmental Fund of El Salvador.


According to a document dated April 24, Aguilar Zarco’s family business, IINSEMA, SA de CV sold facial protectors to the Ministry of Health.

Furthermore, he revealed that face shields they had been sold to the Government for a price higher than the same company offered if the purchase was more than a thousand: $ 1.13.

On Friday afternoon, Aguilar Zarco was consulted by El Diario de Hoy. His response was that he was respecting the institutionality of the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic, the Court of Accounts and the Court of Government Ethics in whose hands he had left his case and that he hoped that the investigations would proceed as quickly as possible.

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The former official, who was separated from Fonaes after the publication, said he was interested in the investigations being concluded and that is why he did not want to hinder them with his statements. “I want to expose to the public light with all the documentation in firm. I have placed myself under the command of the Prosecutor’s Office and the CICIES, ”said Aguilar Zarco. The journalistic investigation revealed that the Deputy Minister of Revenue, from the Ministry of Finance, José Alejandro Zelaya Villalobo, is a partner of Rogelio Cabrera, partner and legal representative of the company SYGM Asesores, which sold 300,000 face shields for an amount of $ 750,000.

According to documents from the Commercial Registry, Zelaya Villalobo and Cabrera are partners in the SCI Adit Tax Advisory firm.

José Alejandro Zelaya Villalobo, Vice Minister of Income, is also the founder of the Nuevas Ideas party.


SYGM Asesores sold 300,000 face shields to the Ministry of Health. The legal representative of that company is a partner of Zelaya Villalobo in another company called CSI Audit Tax Advisory.

In notarial documents, both SCI and SYGM occupy the same office: house 7A at the end of Arturo Ambrogi street, Escalón de San Salvador neighborhood. However, by the time Minister Francisco Alabí signed the purchase contract for the 300,000 face shields, SYGM had several months of leaving the residence.

The Diario de Hoy has tried to obtain the version of Zelaya Villalobo. This Friday afternoon, the communications office of the Ministry of Finance was called, again managing an interview. They promised to pass the request on to the official but at the close of this note they did not respond.

The case of the deputy

The night of the previous Thursday, the newspaper El Faro revealed that the Ministry of Health bought 800,000 surgical masks for a price of $ 344,000 from the firm Grupo GME Inversiones, to which the deputy René Gustavo Escalante Zelaya would be linked.

René Gustavo Escalante Zelaya. Deputy. On June 9 he resigned from the ARENA party.


On March 20 of this year, the Ministry of Health bought 800,000 pleated surgical masks from the GME Inversiones Group, linked to legislator Escalante Zelaya, according to the newspaper El Faro.

According to El Faro, the company that is supposedly tied to the legislator, He sold the masks at a premium of 17 cents.

This Friday, El Diario de Hoy wanted to obtain the version of Escalante, who via direct messaging limited himself to saying: “I only tell you that the company is not mine as El Faro says. I sold my shares 5 years ago. “

When asked if he had proof of what he said, he said that he had notarized documents that had been presented to the newspaper El Faro but that they had ignored.

More officials reported

Vice Minister Zelaya and Jorge Aguilar are also joined by presidential commissioner Carolina Recinos, who has been denounced before the Government Ethics Court for alleged nepotism due to the fact that three of her brothers hold high positions in the current Government and due to a conflict of interest.

The current Deputy Minister of Security and Director of Penal Centers, Osiris Luna, has also been accused of alleged acts of corruption, to the point that he has accumulated several complaints in the Ethics Court.

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