‘Three Parks’ Lee Cheong-yong and Park Ji-sung resent “You lost because of your brother”

Former soccer player Park Ji-sung meets junior Lee Cheong-yong and shows off his chemistry.

In the MBC TV entertainment program’Three Park: The Second Heart’, which airs on the 28th at 9:10 pm, Park Ji-sung meets Lee Cheong-yong for a Jeju ride.

Park Ji-sung smiled brightly at the appearance of a close junior, and Lee Cheong-yong said, “Why do people like you? Doesn’t it look like anything special?” begins a mischievous provocation. Park Ji-sung responded, saying, “I am prepared for cycle self-denial training,” and showed unstoppable speech.

Lee Cheong-yong tells the story of Park Ji-sung’s resentment during the 2011 ’15th Qatar Asian Cup’ game. Lee Cheong-yong, who recalls the moment he missed the victory in front of his nose, reveals his hidden feelings, saying, “You lost because of your brother.” Park Ji-sung adds to the curiosity at the end of the incident by saying, “Stop talking about that,” but clarifying the situation at the time. Prior to the mini-soccer game, Park Ji-sung demands a handicap, and when he smokes, Lee Cheong-yong provokes, “It’s still Park Ji-sung?”, causing laughter.


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