Samut Sakhon found 37 additional COVID-19 cases out of 3 proactive searches in hospitals, 34 were cured 45.

Samut Sakhon found 37 new cases of COVID-19, 34 were found from hospital examinations, 22 were Thais, 12 foreigners, and 3 of the proactive screening in the community, all of which were 16,309.

Today (February 26), Samut Sakhon Provincial Public Health Office Number of people infected with COVID-19 report In Samut Sakhon province at 24.00 on February 25, 64, 37 new cases of infection were found. 34 cases of hospital examinations, 22 were Thai, and 12 aliens found infected by search. Proactive screening in the community, all 3 of them are foreigners.

Total number of COVID-19 cases Collected in Samut Sakhon Since the new outbreak at 16,309 cases, 13,478 cases of proactive screening were found, 1,387 Thais, and 12,091 foreigners, 2,831 were found in hospital examinations, 1,590 were Thais, 1,311 aliens. There were 15,984 cases of cured / sold cases (45 increased from the previous day), 2,742 Thai nationals (30 increased), 13,242 foreigners (15 increased), 7 cumulative deaths.

A total of 318 infected people were in treatment and 229 were hospitalized, 159 were Thai, 70 foreigners were in detention facilities for observation, 89 were all foreign.

However, on February 24 the past A total of 2,355 community trials were proactive, and 2,373 additional laboratory tests were added, including the number of proactive investigations in the community since COVID-19 was found. From the shrimp market on December 17, 20, 198,216 in total, 198,214 laboratory tests were received, 13,478 positive results (found infection).


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