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Three kilos of gold found in a train, his owner has still not recovered

Gold bullion (illustration) — Yoshikazu Tsuno AFP/Archives

The judicial authorities swiss have recently published a notice of research in order to identify the owner ofgold found in a train. A package containing at least 3.4 kg of the precious metal had been discovered in October last in one of the cars of a train of swiss federal Railways (SBB) travelling between St. Gallen and Lucerne, relays Le Nouvelliste.

A press release by the public ministry at the origin does not specify the nature of the container in which was the precious metal, nor any date or time of its discovery.Capital advance that this omission could be due to the fact that only the person concerned knows this information.

A value of 170.000 euros

The value of the treasure left in the train is estimated by officials to 182.000 swiss francs, or a little more than 170.000 euro. Despite the market value of the cargo abandoned it, nobody is shown for the time to recover.

The investigations, conducted to determine who owns the gold, are also remained without result. The local law stipulates that its owner has a period of five years to claim his property. Past this period, it will no longer assert his rights.

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