Three habits that lead to diabetes and how to get rid of them – December 4, 2023

During the classes they talk about diabetes prevention and diagnosis, teach how to control blood sugar, help you master the technique of administering insulin, and talk about the diet for diabetes.

Excess salt in the diet is extremely harmful to health, because it retains water in the body, thereby causing problems with the heart, blood vessels, kidneys and other organs. It’s not for nothing that cardiologists urge everyone diagnosed with hypertension to give up salty foods – this way you can avoid pressure surges. In addition, there is a risk of swelling, weight problems and insomnia.

Scientists from Tulane University in New Orleans conducted study, after which they came to the conclusion: Excess salt in the diet can trigger the development of type 2 diabetes.

Experts studied the data 402 982 people, they took all the necessary information from the National British Biobank. All participants were between 37 and 73 years old and each had a history of:

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