Three Different Personalities of Bassem Yakhour during Ramadan

It seems that the participation of the Syrian star, Bassem Yakhour, in the Ramadan drama this year will be very special, as Yakhour plays three starring roles in three different works, impersonating various and multiple characters that are unlike any of the other.

Although the actor himself promoted his long-awaited series “Al-Arbaji”, the two other works that Yakhour presents in two roles that are not similar at all are no less important than “Al-Arbaji”.

Yakhour appears in the character of “Abdo Al-Arbaji”, a simple person who is subjected to a lot of injustice in his life, and “Abdo” lives in one of the neighborhoods, which is the “Nashwani neighborhood”, and he is a man who carries all the virtues and good qualities, but fate completely opposes him, and gets him into raging struggles between good and evil. , may push him to give up the virtues he used to.
The work makers tried to get out of the traditional Levantine environment that was presented to people over many years, which makes it a new experience, which may push many to follow this approach in the future, and to present works of a completely different Levantine environment than the ones the audience is used to seeing.
The series is starring: Bassem Yakhour, Salloum Haddad, Dima Kandalaft, Nadine Khoury, Tariq Maraachli, Fares Yaghi, Rawa Yassin and others, and it was written by Othman Hajja and Moayad Al-Nabulsi, and directed by Saif Al-Din Al-Subaie.

Autumn of Omar
“Kharif Omar” is collected by the name of Yakhour with Basloum Haddad again, and Abdel Moneim Amayri, Moatasem Al-Nahar, Carmen Lebbos, and Qamar Khalaf participate in the tournament, and it is directed by Al-Muthanna Sobh.
“The Autumn of Omar” presents many social stories with a different template and a different vision, according to what its makers confirmed, stressing that the audience is facing a completely different vision than what they previously watched in Syrian dramas.
The series is also not devoid of suspense and action, in many of its scenes and stories.
And the Syrian writer, Rania Al-Jabban, had confirmed in previous statements that “Author’s Autumn” combines all kinds of drama: romantic, police, social, and action, and therefore it achieves the equation of audience and marketing, and that it presents a big message behind the scenes.

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“Night of the Fall”
The series “The Night of Falling” tells real events, as it documents the story of the fall of the city of Mosul at the hands of the terrorist organization ISIS, and the period in which the organization ruled the city, between the years: 2014-2017, and how life was managed there, documenting the tragic events that the people of Mosul lived through, until reaching to edit it completely.
The teaser posters and videos for the work show that Bassem Yakhour plays the character of one of the leaders of the terrorist organization in the city. (Bay Flower)

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