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Three Deaths and Three Injuries in Series of Vicious Incidents in Nottingham, England.

China News Agency, London, June 13th. On June 13th local time, a series of vicious incidents occurred in Nottingham, England, resulting in three deaths and three injuries. British Prime Minister Sunak called the incident “shocking” and will continue to monitor the progress of the investigation.

Two people were found dead on Ilkeston Road, west of Nottingham city centre, in the early hours of the same day. In another incident, a van tried to run over three people in the city center and the victim was taken to hospital for treatment. The body of another man was found on Magdala Road, Nottingham.

The British police stated that they are investigating whether these incidents are related and have arrested a 31-year-old man suspected of being involved in the incident. The police are urgently investigating the background of the man and trying to find the phone or computer he used to check the contents.

As of now, these three incidents have not been characterized as terrorist incidents, but counter-terrorism police are assisting in the investigation, and detectives are stepping up their efforts to crack the case. Police said the case is still in the early stages of investigation and they hope the public will be patient. Due to the investigation of the case, some roads in Nottingham will remain closed.

In order to facilitate the detection of the case, the local police set up a dedicated telephone line, appealing to more witnesses and those who know the situation to provide more clues.

After the incident, British Prime Minister Sunak said on social media: “I will continue to follow up the latest developments in the case and give the police time to carry out their work. My heart is with the families of the victims.” (End)

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