Threatened China, Taiwan Ask Rp123 T to Buy Weapons

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Government Taiwan proposed budget of up to 240 billion Taiwan dollars or equivalent to Rp123 trillion for weapons purchases amid “major threats” China.

President Tsai Ing-wen’s cabinet submitted the budget plan to parliament on Thursday (16/9). The budget is expected to be approved because Tsai’s camp holds a majority in parliament.

As reported ReutersTaiwan’s Ministry of Defense hopes that this budget can be approved quickly because of the growing Chinese threat to them.

“China continues to invest heavily in the national defense budget. Their military power is growing rapidly, and they continue to send planes and ships to invade our waters and airspace,” Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense said in a statement.

The statement continued, “Amid the great threat from the enemy, the country’s military continues to carry out military development and preparation, and it is important to be able to get mass production of weapons and other equipment in the near future.”

Taiwan’s Deputy Defense Minister, Wang Shin-lung, said that if the budget was approved, his party would immediately produce weapons domestically.

He stressed that Taiwan is continuing to ramp up local production, although the United States may still play an important role in supplying the technology.

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Recently, Taiwan has seemed to want to look like it can defend itself, especially after the question arose of whether the US would really help them if China attacked.

“Only if we can ensure security and show our determination, will the international community take us into account. Others will only help us if we help ourselves,” said Taiwan cabinet spokesman Lo Ping-cheng.

Apart from producing weapons, Taiwan will also use the proposed budget this time to buy various defense equipment, including missiles and warships.

Taiwan has several times tested long-range missiles on its southern and eastern coasts. While Taiwan has not provided details about the missile, experts say it could possibly reach China.




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