Thousands of animals die in fire that rages in four chicken houses

The fire that has been raging since the early afternoon on Bleekerweg in Heusden, municipality of Asten, has destroyed four chicken houses. A spokesman for the fire service said that around an hour. There were chickens in the stables. He can’t say how much at that moment. He agrees that thousands of animals probably died in the fire.

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Sandra Kagie

Soon after the first report, around noon, the security region called the fire very large and spreading. Huge thick dark clouds of smoke rise and can be seen for miles around. Photos show flames shooting out of the roof of the chicken shed.

The fire brigade is trying to prevent the fire from spreading to a house and other stables. That has the highest priority around an hour. The spokesperson is not yet able to say anything about a cause of the fire.

Near the four stables that should be considered lost, there are more stables. There are also animals in it.

Photo: Dave Hendriks / SQ Vision.
Photo: Dave Hendriks / SQ Vision.

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