This was the reaction of James Rodríguez when he received a Tigres shirt (VIDEO)

Luis Quinones had his first call to the Selection of Colombia in 2017, after the good participation he had with the Tigers. On that occasion, the feline attacker agreed with James Rodriguez, who was active in the Bayern Munich of Germany.

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The South American player spoke in an interview for the YouTube of the royal team and revealed that he exchanged the shirt with his compatriot, in addition to the current player of the Everton let him see that he already knew about the team and had identified Andre Pierre Gignac and Eduardo Vargas.

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I had the opportunity to change the shirt with him, when I gave him the Tigres shirt he told me: are there the French Gignac and the Chilean? I already had them referenced. He also told me that he sometimes watched games and well, he shared, good guyQuiñones commented.

Source: YouTube Tigres Oficial

On the other hand, the player of the Tigers acknowledged that one of his wishes is to play in the Premier League with the Blues. “Not as much as before, I wanted to go younger, but the desire to go there is still latent. I like Chelsea too much, I got up very early to watch the Premier to see that teamHe explained.

Luis Quinones reached the ranks of the Tigers at Opening 2016, after being on loan with the Pumas from ONE. During his stay in the royal box he has scored nine goals in 85 encounters, also already won two league championships, one Champion of Champions and one Concachampions.

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