A volunteer from a care center for patients with covid-19 was evicted from her home for fear of the virus

The act altruistic of a student of Nursing led her to be a victim of discrimination in Bolivia. After volunteering as voluntary in a center that cares for patients infected with coronavirus, the young woman was evicted of the house he rented, as the owners fear contracting covid-19.

Rosario Terceros Yérez lives in the city of Santa Cruz, in Bolivia. Since the beginning of the pandemic, a group called ‘Angels against Covid’ has collaborated, bringing together volunteers to help in the health emergency in the country.

The volunteers of Angels Against Covid serve people with covid-19, the center has a capacity for 80 infected patients and that is near the airport international of Viru Viru, in the Andean country.

Rosario Terceros moved to Santa Cruz to study Nursing, but due to the pandemic the classes are they suspended. The young woman signed up to volunteer to help covid-19 patients in the first wave she faced Bolivia, according to a publication by Duty.

“From the beginning I was not afraid of contagion. When you volunteer you become more courageous. I saw that you could and I have lost my fear,” he told the aforementioned media.

The mistress of the house, after she learned that the young woman was voluntary, he asked evict the room. Rosario Terceros, not finding a place to rent, took her belongings to the service center for patients with covid-19, later she stayed at the House of one of the responsible of the group ‘Angels against Covid’.

The center closed for a few weeks, mainly due to the decline of contagion, but in December 2020 it reopened its doors due to upturn of positive cases.

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Third, 20 years old, in the second wave of contagion of covid-19, became part of the volunteers of ‘Angels Against Covid ‘. In the seven months that she has been exposed to the virus, she has not been infected.

The President of Bolivia, Luis Arce, warned that the number of COVID-19 cases in the country will increase due to the massive tests that will be carried out after receiving this Monday, January 11, 2021, a total of 650,000 nasal antigen tests to detect the disease.

Arce pointed out that what you want is to “honest the numbers” and know “how many people are infected“, including people who do not have symptoms of the disease to immediately” give them the appropriate treatment. “

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