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This TikTok trend is dangerous (video)

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published by Lou Tabarin on 03 Apr 2022 at 11:34

TikTok is full of beauty tips, but you shouldn’t always follow the advice of pseudo experts. Young women tattoo their own faces in order to have freckles. Scientists denounce the danger of this practice.

despised a few years ago, freckles are now a dream. To look like Meghan Markleyoung girls influenced by TikTok opt for a radical solution: the tattoo. Some do it in deplorable hygienic conditions. The result is often catastrophic. Discover below the consequences of a failed tattoo:

fake freckles fashion

It’s here tendency of recent years as soon as the sun reappears. Freckles sublimate the face by giving a radiant mine. Meghan Markle is proof of that. During her marriage to prince harry, the Duchess of Sussex has highlighted this asset. Since then, everyone has copied it, even Kylie Jenner.

For those who don’t have it naturally, there are several methods to have it. You can draw them with an eyebrow pencil. Other girls opt for the technique of henna, which can take several weeks. The most determined go to the tattoo artist for permanent make-up.

Scientists warn of the dangers of “DIY freckles”

On TikToka new trend worry professionals. Girls with an average age of 18 to 25 years old buy ink on Ebay. With a kit d’acuponcture, they inject the product to make permanent freckles. Very often, the result ends in disaster.

Australian Big Brother star Tilly Whitfeld paid the price. Won over by this trend, she completely missed his face tattoo. the lead present in the ink a burned part of his face. Moreover, she has lost sight during many days. She was forced to do sessions of laser tattoo removal to take it all away. The consequences cost him almost 10.000 euros.

Health professionals call for the greatest prudence. We do not always know what contains the ink purchased on websites. Many allergens are present in the composition. Allergic reactions leave traces for life, and unsterilized needles can transmit the VIH. We strongly advise against trying.

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