This popular Marvel actor refuses sex scenes because of his faith


Mahershala Ali does not play sex scenes because of his beliefs. As a result, he almost had to refuse his first major film offer. The actor, who has been cast as the Marvel vampire Blade, reveals that in the podcast Mind Power Mixtape from Common.Mahershala Ali (46) had to receive an offer from a director David Fincher for a role The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008) almost turn off. The script contained a scene in which his character Tizzy Weathers would have sex with that van Taraji P. Henson.

And Ali does not want to play such scenes, because he is a Muslim. “When I was told I had been offered the role I said I could only accept it if that sex scene was deleted“he tells hip-hop artist and fellow actor Common.”I refuse to simulate sex“.

Luckily for Ali, Fincher didn’t mind that. In the film, the two characters kiss and then disappear from view. “I couldn’t do more because I want to respect my faith“said the two-time Oscar winner.

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