FilGoal | News | The final of the century – Platinum coach in the Joule: I expect Al-Ahly to be crowned for two reasons, despite my heart that tends to Zamalek

Lesoy Sui, the former coach of Platinum Zimbabwe, sees a big difference between Zamalek and Al-Ahly, before the final of the century that will bring the two teams together next Friday for the CAF Champions League title. talks to coaches of the teams that faced Al-Ahly or Zamalek in their successful journey to the final of the tournament, and the beginning of Sui, who said: “It will be an interesting final, between the two largest teams on the continent.”

“It will be a war on the field. I faced Al-Ahly twice this season and it is a very strong team and it has distinguished players,” he added.

Al-Ahly tied with Platinum in Zimbabwe 1-1, and beat them in Egypt 2-0 in the group stage.

Sui explained: “The style of the two teams is very different. Al-Ahly used to play in possession during Renee Fyler’s tenure. Now he has Pitso Musimane who plays in an offensive manner and is controlling the game.”

And he continued, “As for Zamalek, he had a defensive style with Patrice Carteron, and Jaime Pacheco did not change the matter much.”

He explained, “If I were a coach in that match, I would play on the offensive because it is a final of one match. In Al-Ahly there is Junior Ajay who can make the difference, and Zamalek has Ashraf Bencharki who is able to make the difference as well.”

What about a normal expectation of the result? “I expect Al-Ahly to be crowned because of Musimani’s experience and his hunger for the title, but my heart refuses this because I love Zamalek and have encouraged him since childhood, and I hope he will win the championship.”




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