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This new function turns users into co-creators

October 20, 2021

Yesterday the social media giant Instagram introduced new functions that can be used from this week. Probably greatest news: From now on you can share posts with other users. So you practically become co-creators or co-authors.

In order to share a photo, video or reel in the feed, one user has to invite the other user. If the user accepts the invitation, the respective post is shared across both accounts and thus flushed into the timeline of both followers. All comments and likes on the post are both displayed.

Back in July, Instagram unofficially tested this function with a few users. The social media platform still refers to the new function as „Test“. So it will be exciting to see when it will be permanently accessible to everyone.

But Instagram announced other functions. Among other things, that photos and videos under a minute can now be posted from the desktop and that there will be a button to start a charitable fundraising campaign.

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