This morning we “detox”!

An emergency: the state of discomfort upon waking. Headaches, general fatigue, dizziness … And, for the less fortunate, nausea and sometimes vomiting … These are the side effects of what we prosaically call the “hangover”. Avoidable if you went to bed early by taking a paracetamol – not aspirin – tablet and a large bottle of cool water to drink in the early hours of the night. Hangovers are actually just a big headache from dehydration. So when you have drunk too much, you have to drink … but water. This applies to all the slippages of the coming year….

This morning if you did not take these precautions last night when you went to bed, there is a catch-up session, with the same medication associated with your favorite morning drink. Also don’t forget to feed yourself. The discomfort of hangovers and excessive alcohol consumption is also hypoglycemia; a big lack of sugar, therefore of fuel. And for this “brunch” made up of the remains of the day before, treat yourself again. The restrictions will be for tomorrow!

Another subject of the morning: the very media phase of “detox”.

For some, no neighborhood, it consists of fasting … Fasting is not a scoop for your organization; It’s even a situation that humans unfortunately know too well. So this is not a tragedy! As for the medical interest, academics and proponents of different medicines have been fighting for a very long time, with scientific arguments that never actually prove it. Objectively, one cannot deny a certain form of well-being, between the second and seventh day of fasting. This is frequently accompanied by an increased level of alertness, an improvement in mood, a subjective feeling of well-being, and sometimes euphoria. For the rest, nothing is proven. So apart from a day or two very occasionally – besides each of us has found that the body claims it after abuse – I would be very reserved on this method.

One might even think that, in a world where for fifty years, opulence has been in fashion, the body does not say no; This is what gave birth to what is called the “detox” diet. This is the principle of scrubbing … It is certain that going through, once or twice a year, a period of a few weeks where we do everything well, that is to say, be careful what we eat and especially by considerably reducing the quantities, by excluding fatty products and alcohol, it is perfect.

The real detox diets are shorter – no more than a week and favor all vegetable broth – this is my favorite – all fruit, and a day of fasting just by drinking.
There is no medical problem with that …

Some advocate the “5 – 2” diet which consists of stopping eating two days a week and the rest of the time normally. This is not a good idea, for the simple reason that it is a misguided detox diet. However, two of the seven days of youth is a lot, and we unconsciously tend to recover calories the next 5 days. The detox diet, it must be emphasized, it is a maximum week. The 5-2 is over several weeks … And it is aptly named this diet, but with a different explanation: We quickly lose 2 pounds and we gain 5, in a few weeks! All these fad diets are heartbreaking…

So spend this first day of the year drinking lots of water or soup. Rest because good resolutions are for tomorrow. I will explain to you why it can work contrary to what those who criticize the approach think.

Doctor Jean-François Lemoine

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