New Year’s Eve with nine wounded in aggressions and 19 alcohol poisoning by Minho

At least nine people ended up in hospital emergency services during the early hours of Wednesday due to complaints of assault, MINHO learned from the National Emergency and Civil Protection Authority. Another 19 were transported for excessive alcohol consumption, the same source said.

Amid assaults on the street, in clubs or at home, there were at least seven hospital transports carried out by fire brigades and at least two victims transported in private vehicles.

The district of Braga was where there were the largest number of complaints of assaults – eight – while Alto Minho recorded only one in Valencia, around 7:00 am on Wednesday.

Let’s start with Viana. One victim suffered minor injuries following assaults on Rua das Tróia, being transported to the Viana Hospital by the Valença Fire Department.

In the district of Braga, the first record of aggression entering the emergency service took place in Barcelos, in the parish of Vila Frescainha. The victim complained of being assaulted and was transported to the local hospital unit. It was just after 1:15 pm.

By 2:11, a new record of aggression, this time on the public road, in São Víctor, Braga, which may not be oblivious to New Year’s Eve events. One man was transported to Braga Hospital with minor injuries.

For the next two hours, there was no record of aggression, but of six alcohol intoxications in various parts of the district.

By 4:15, a 35-year-old woman was beaten in the heart of Guimarães’s historic center, causing her hospitalization.

After four more records of alcohol poisoning, a new aggression is registered at 05:20 in Santo Emilião, a parish of Póvoa de Lanhoso. One victim was transported to the Braga hospital unit.

About 10 minutes later, a feud at the door of the Rauliana Discotheque in Ribeirão, Famalicão, causes two injuries. They were referred to the hospital by their own means, to our knowledge.

By 8:35, one morning a person complained of minor injuries following assaults, although he was “notoriously intoxicated.” It was transported to the Guimarães Hospital by local firefighters.

In the district of Braga, 15 ethyl poisonings were reported to appear to be due to the excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages.

In Alto Minho, there are two reports of poisoning in Ponte de Lima and two others in Caminha.

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