This is what she wore on the plane. Flight attendants tried to throw her out – o2

Tiktokerka, who publishes materials on the network under the pseudonym “Badbish1078”, shared a short recording from the plane. Under it, she wrote that she had just been tried to be thrown off an Alaska Airlines flight because her tight, low-cut blouse was “inappropriate”.

“Inappropriate” airplane attire? The tiktoker is furious

In one of the comments, the woman explained what exactly happened. It turned out that when boarding the plane, the flight attendants tried to turn her back, claiming that the blouse she was wearing was too revealing. However, another Alaska Airlines employee intervened and said the passenger’s outfit was fine.

The bottom line is that this shouldn’t be happening. She tried to humiliate me and made me very uncomfortable in public space.

The rest of the article under the video

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The controversial video has already been viewed more than 12,000 times. times. In the comments, Internet users started a discussion whether the tiktoker was right or should she adapt to the prevailing rules. Many people have said that if airlines have their rules made public, then passengers must abide by them. Several people, however, defended the girl’s behavior, claiming that her outfit did not deviate from the norm.

People, get a grip, you’re not in charge. The world is full of rules, and they apply to everyone.

It’s an airport, not a beach…

Why do airlines care how people dress? It’s not like the plane won’t fly. It’s not like you’re causing trouble. This is absurd, we read in the comments.

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