LIVE – Troyes-Lens: the Lensois avoid a disappointment but leave the field open to PSG


It’s over ! Lens snatches the equalizer at the end of the match against Troyes (1-1) but lets slip points if PSG wins tomorrow evening. Led from the start of the second period, the Sang et Or saved the point from a draw thanks to Thomasson!

4 minutes more

There will be 4 minutes of added time in this game! The tension goes up a notch in the last few minutes.


Here it is the equalization of Lens! Center at the far post for Said who puts him back in line! Gallon pushes back on Thomasson who finishes the job, 1 to 1!


Rony Lopes goes against and serves Odebert who gives him back! Lopes sends his shot from the right over Samba’s goal. The knockout goal was not far off.

Lens lacks a solution

The ball circles around the Trojan area but Lens still can’t find the solution! Time flies !

Huge opportunity for Lopes

Troyes goes against and offers a goal opportunity to Rony Lopes who sends the ball above the goals of Samba!

Troyes finally comes out

ESTAC puts a little pep in its game and finally brings out the ball! But short-lived!

Said chained the feints, not the strike

Found in the area, Wesley Said chained body feints and strikes but failed to shoot on goal!

Sotoca misses the target

Another opportunity for Lens with Sotoca who did not find the frame on a shot that was too crushed. Openda and Claude Maurice leave the field, Da Costa and Said enter the game.

10e corner pour Lens

The Blood and Gold put crazy pressure in front of Gallon’s goal but it holds for Troyes! 10th corner shot and it’s still clear!

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Lens tries to react

The Blood and Gold are stung and try to come back to score! But Troyes holds the shock and plays the shots well.


Finally it is Troyes who opens the score by Larouci! Well orchestrated by the two Baldés, the ball returns to the far post for Larouci who sends a small opposite net shot! 1 to 0 for ESTAC!


It’s the break ! Without much solution but ultra-dominant, Lens did not find the opening on the Troyes lawn after 45 minutes of play. Difficult to move this ESTAC team very well in place despite some flashes from Frankowski or dangerous moves by Fofana. In short, we will have to do better to find the opening!

2 minutes left to play

There will be two minutes of added time in this game! We should stay on this score of 0-0 at the break.

Sotoca takes the strike

Found at the entrance to the area, Florian Sotoca takes the shot but it’s way too crushed!

Baldé remains on the ground

Mama Baldé remains on the ground, visibly touched in the foot. He leaves temporarily, limping, not sure that he will take his place again.

Good exit from Gallon

Found on the right, Abdul Samed sends a nifty little cross for Sotoca’s header but Gallon comes out fists!


Although thrown deep, Openda fails to find a space to shoot. It doesn’t matter, it comes back to Claude Maurice who doesn’t cross his shot enough!

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Danso not far from the frame

Another corner for Lens obtained by the indefatigable Fofana! It’s at the near post for Danso but his header goes just wide.

Baldé takes his yellow

Mama Baldé’s turn to take a yellow card after a tackle from behind on Abdul Samed. We weren’t far from red.

Frankowski, the X factor

Since the start of the match (and since the start of the season), Frankowski has taken the measure of his lane, chained the right crosses and got closer to the goal!

Lens warms up in front of goal

It’s getting closer for Lens with many sharp overflows from Frankowski! The corner of the Pole is returned anyhow, it heats up!

Fofana tries his luck from afar

Corner shot by Frankowski but it’s sent back in front of the surface… Fofana takes the shot with one touch but it’s way above!

Lens quiet but not too much

Once again, Troyes is trying to overtake Lens with fast counterplay! For the moment, the blood and gold hinge stays the course!

Lens taken against

Lens exposes itself to a lot of counterattacks and fouls Mama Baldé! It’s Fofana this time but he doesn’t take a card.

Card for Danso!

What a job from Chavalerin who pulls off a great bridge over Danso! The Austrian commits a fault and takes a yellow card, the Trojan player could go to the goal.

It’s heating up in front of the Trojan goal

Well launched by Sotoca, Frankowski crosses to the penalty spot but there is confusion! Claude-Maurice tries a shot at the end of the race but concedes the six meters.

Beautiful defense of Salmier

Launched in depth, Openda is moved by Salmier’s shoulder! Troyes recovers the ball quietly.

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Mastery for Lens

As expected, possession is to the advantage of Lens in these first minutes! Troyes is in positional defense.

The audience is hot

First overflow from Baldé who hesitates to cross and must finally concede the six meters! The audience screams with delight!


And here we go for this ultra-important match for Lens! In the event of victory on the lawn of Troyes, the Blood and Gold would temporarily return to PSG in the standings!

What is the odds for Danso’s goal?

2 of Kevin Danso’s 3 goals with Lens in Ligue 1 were against Troyes (in May and September 2022). He has 52 appearances in his career in the top flight, the best total for an Austrian since Heinz Schilcher (115 appearances between 1973 and 1978).

And the composition of ESTAC

Gallon – T. Baldé, Porozo, Palmer-Brown, Salmier (c), Larouci – Kouamé, Chavalerin – Bruus, M. Baldé, R. Lopes

The composition of the Sang et Or with Claude-Maurice

Samba – Gradit, Danso, Haïdara – Frankowski, Abdul Samed, Fofana (c), Machado – Sotoca, Openda, Claude-Maurice

A few stats to know

Troyes have won only one of their 12 matches against Lens in Ligue 1 in the 21st century (5 draws, 6 defeats), in May 2007 (3-0), even losing in the 3 games played since their comeback in the elite in 2021.


Hello everyone and welcome to RMC Sport to follow the 20th day of Ligue 1 live. Now three short lengths from PSG in the standings, Lens has the opportunity to put pressure on the Parisians with this trip to the lawn of Troyes. Kick off at 5 p.m.!

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