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This Is the Salary & Facilities for RI Offshore Employees, Through Billions?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Salaries and facilities for offshore employees in Indonesia are getting more and more attention. This work leads to oversea construction and refers to the depth of the bottom support.

Usually companies engaged in oil and gas use this service. In general, the task of offshore employees is to drill for oil and natural gas to be produced into several products such as fuel oil.

Offshore employees who work in the seismic stage are tasked with searching for oil and natural gas using special seismic survey vessels.

At the exploration stage, offshore employees are tasked with checking and proving that the places surveyed have good quality oil and natural gas, as well as calculating oil reserves.

It should be noted that salaries and facilities for Indonesian offshore employees are inseparable from their risky duties.

Offshore job duties vary. There are those who work in the seismic survey section, the exploration section, and the construction section. Some of these positions and tasks certainly have their respective job risks.

Because of the heavy work responsibilities, salaries and facilities for Indonesian offshore employees are also high. Some positions even offer salaries up to billions of rupiah.

So how much salary do offshore workers receive and what facilities do they receive?

The following is a list of salaries for offshore employees in Indonesia, which is summarized from various data sources from several job seeker websites:

1. Offshore Drilling Consultant

An offshore drilling consultant is paid Rp 2.23 – 4.76 billion. The task of this consultant is to provide advice to companies in finding strategic places to drill for oil and gas.

2. Offshore Installation Manager

Offshore installation managers are paid between IDR 1.87-3.82 billion. This salary is in accordance with the work responsibilities that must be carried out, namely managing and controlling all activities in the Rig. Managers are also responsible for work in engineering, finance, and all activities carried out.

3. Staf Workover (Completion)

Workover staff are workers who are tasked with ensuring and determining whether the drilling of related wells can produce oil and natural gas that is suitable for production or not. For this work, workover staff are paid around Rp. 967 million – Rp. 3.8 billion.

4. Marine Engineer

A marine engineer is a person who is responsible for coordinating all activities that occur when drilling and transporting oil and gas is carried out. This job is paid with a large salary which reaches Rp1.16 – 2.42 billion.

5. Thoughts Captain

A captain tanker is responsible for controlling the transportation of oil and gas from sea to land. He has an obligation to ensure that the drilling results reach the mainland safely. For this responsibility, tanker captains are paid a large nominal amount of Rp. 1.16 – 2.65 billion.

6. Pilot Helicopter

In this area, there is also a position for a helicopter pilot who is responsible for serving clients who wish to visit oil rigs. The helicopter pilots are paid up to IDR 1.45 – 2.34 billion.

7. Production Supervisor

Offshore workers for production supervisor positions are also paid a high nominal amounting to Rp. 1.68 – 2.30 billion. This production supervisor is in charge of ensuring the condition of all equipment is safe to use and in accordance with worker safety standards.

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