This is the Origin of the Codet on Kang’s Face


On Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Kang (Jonathan Majors) appears with a distinctive feature in the form of two scars on his face that run straight down to the bottom of his eyes. However, it was not explained how the wound could have happened, considering how strong he was, so it was quite difficult for anyone to make a wound like that.

Not only that, almost other Kang variants also have the same wound on the face. Only He Who Remains and Victor Timely whose faces are still smooth and without scars. Then what is the meaning of these wounds?

In the comic Kang the Conqueror #1 released in 2021, it is told that a young Kang named Nathaniel Richards meets a prehistoric woman named Adi who he saves from a T-Rex attack. The tribal elders also gave him gifts in the form of two blue lines on his face as a sign that he would become the conqueror.

But unfortunately, this action only irritated Kang and killed everyone there, including Adi who was previously saved by him. The two lines also become a marker as well as a seal for the figure of Kang who is cruel and Kang who likes to save people.

Kang the Conqueror comic strip. Photo: Doc. Marvel Studios

Tried all means to erase the two blue lines and in the end it ended up creating a wound on his face that could never go away down to its variants.

Meanwhile, there is also a theory in the film that says that the wound might have been obtained as evidence for the conquests that have been carried out by Kang. Considering that he always wore a costume that protected all parts of his body except his face, it was only natural that only the wounds on that part were visible.

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Especially in his epic battle with Scott Lang and Hope, new and old wounds were visible on his arms made by MODOK. It is possible that in the next phase 5 Marvel films, this can be explained more deeply regarding the figure of Kang and his variants who are the main villains.

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