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This is the Look of the Killer of Mother Maya Guru Ngaji in Bogor


Karyo (39) was determined to kill Athiqotul Mahya alias Bunda Maya (28), a reciting teacher in Bogor whose body was found in a well covered in concrete. The trigger was because she was hurt that the mother of two children had to collect a debt of Rp. 1 million.

Karyo is the husband of Mother Maya’s housekeeper. The man who is a driver of an impromptu shuttle cannot accept being constantly billed by the victim.

Not only that, the perpetrator was annoyed because the victim talked about the debt to his wife. Karyo apparently covered up the debt issue and didn’t want his wife to know that he had borrowed money from her employer.

Karyo and his wife live in the same village as the victim in Ciriung Village, Cibinong District, Bogor Regency. The distance between the perpetrator’s house and the victim’s house was only about 100 meters. In that house, Karyob and his wife have been contracting for about a year.

It is reported that he often stopped at the victim’s house and chatted with the victim’s husband. Karyo and his wife are somewhat close to Bunda Maya and her husband. Since the last few months, Karyo’s wife has been working at the victim’s house as a maid.

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