This is the Gauss figure that Samsung embedded in the Generative AI Technology Smartphone

BERTUAHPOS.COM, PEKANBARU — Samsung introduced a revolutionary breakthrough in the world of smartphones with its advanced technology called Samsung Gauss. As a smartphone brand that innovates, Samsung will be a pioneer by integrating generative artificial intelligence models into its products.

Samsung Gauss, named after the famous mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss, the originator of the normal distribution theory, is the foundation for the development of machine learning and AI technology. This technological advantage makes Samsung the first smartphone manufacturer to involve generative AI technology, providing advantages that are not yet available to its competitors, especially the iPhone.

One of the superior features of Samsung Gauss is Samsung Gauss Language, a language model that is capable of writing emails and translating content. This feature provides users with a smarter and more efficient experience.

Other capabilities include smarter device control, enhancing the consumer experience when integrated with a variety of products.

The second feature is support for software developers by speeding up programming code writing. Meanwhile, the third feature, Gauss Image, allows users to create and edit images more easily.

Samsung in its statement confirmed that Samsung’s generative AI technology will be available to users in 2024. This marks a step forward for Samsung as one of the leading brands providing generative AI technology for smartphone users.

In contrast, major competitors such as Apple have not announced a similar product, although Apple CEO Tim Cook hinted at a generative AI project without providing further details.

Samsung Gauss not only increases the productivity of today’s workers, but also promises further developments to Samsung’s applications, bringing innovative new experiences to users. By focusing on integrating generative AI technology, Samsung is leading the smartphone industry to a smarter and more efficient future.***

2023-11-28 22:00:38
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