This is the diet of Cristiano Ronaldo (and what can you do)

Cristiano Ronaldo Diet, Cristiano Ronaldo

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The excesses They are not good. We already told you what it was the trick to avoid them facing these Christmas days in which the premise is that there is no food left on the table (although you end up more stuffing than the turkey you’ve eaten). However, we are aware that temptation and the “come son, try this” always win the battle and we end up eating more than the bill, a permit that the body notices and brings to light without any objection. Therefore, after these binge eating it is important to maintain a diet balanced to recover the shape that has been lost. A diet like the following Cristiano Ronaldo, for example. The soccer player enjoys a sculptural physicist but also of a health of iron, all result of many hours of sport but also of one feeding very measured, thought and far from excess.

The Portuguese follows a diet in which all the details are calculated to be balanced. So, Ronaldo does six meals a day with a separation of about three or four hours among them, which makes meals distributed throughout the day and the metabolism remains active and excesses can be burned and have enough energy for workouts or matches.

Your day starts with a breakfast Salty, as he has commented, consisting of eggs, ham, toast, cheese and fruit (pineapple, pear, orange …), either in juice or natural. In the lunch Protein foods are incorporated, with the exception of the days you have split in the afternoon that carbohydrates and fruits are added to the diet. A dish could be cooked chicken or some fish, being Ronaldo lover of sea bass, sea bream or swordfish.

The Dinner It is more varied and includes proteins, vitamins and fibers, eliminating hydrates since they are more expensive to burn overnight. The soccer player eats grilled fish and meat with a side dish and drinks a lot Water, something he does in abundance throughout the day. In this regard, avoid alcohol and sugary drinks and drink an isotonic drink with less sugar than other sports drinks.

Eat … and train

All this food makes the perfect tandem with the training routine that the soccer player carries out to maintain a good physical condition. For it, Cristiano Ronaldo He goes to the gym five days a week, where he combines dumbbells and exercises of cardio, and bet on the most innovative workouts.

The last of which he has made his followers participate in Instagram has been through a video that appears running inside a swimming pool that has the floor of a treadmill, an innovation that increases the results thanks to the resistance of doing it underwater.

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