this is not the info that will get the Clippers Nation out of misery

After the monumental failure of the Clippers against the Nuggets in the Conference semi-finals, we pointed the finger on many people, and in particular on the coach Doc Rivers. But despite his team’s fiasco and his responsibility in it, he will be back next season. Logical no? Ah yes it’s true, he still did better than the previous year on paper (lol).

When you coach a title candidate team, have Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, have an XXL squad at your disposal, and are unable to go to the Conference Final despite a 3-1 advantage in the series in half, necessarily there is something to freak out a little for his job. But obviously, Doc Rivers will have another chance because Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports announces that The Clippers coach will be back on the bench in the 2020-21 season. For most Clippers fans, in PLS since the night of Tuesday through Wednesday, this news shouldn’t help them out of misery, with Rivers showing some serious limits against Mike Malone and the Nuggets. We obviously talked about the Doc file in the Choke City Special Apéro, highlighting in particular his inability to adjust to the series while his team was completely cracking at the time of conclusion. He is obviously not the only one responsible for the Clippers debacle but as a head coach, he doesn’t mind, especially since this is not the first time that this has happened. Let slip a 3-1 advantage, he knows the Doc, it also happened to him in 2003 with the Magic against the Pistons, and in 2015 with the Clips against the Rockets. And we don’t even talk about the other failures with Los Angeles in the Playoffs since his arrival seven years ago. He has a small uncle Rivers record.

But obviously, he also has a certain credibility in the eyes of the leaders of the Clippers, and some important players of the current roster. Doc Rivers is a former, he won a title in 2008 with Boston and is globally respected within the NBA universe. Above all, and it is Chris Haynes who puts this crucial aspect on the table, the presence of Rivers would have counted a lot in the arrival of Kawhi Leonard in Los Angeles in the summer of 2019.. If Kawhi is on your side then you have weight support that can keep you going even after a real earthquake. Just as a reminder, Leonard can potentially become a free agent in 2021 (like Paul George), he who has a player option in a year. We know he is at home in Los Angeles, but it remains a leverage for the MVP of the 2019 Finals. Sacking Doc Rivers today, so it may seem risky at that level, even if he deserves the carries to the eyes of many people. In any case, what is certain is that it will not be necessary to crash next season. It’ll be the title or nothing, and the pressure will be on the Clippers, especially the Doc. A new fail will probably be synonymous with the end of the adventure for him.

Doc Rivers on the Clippers bench, we’re off for a spin, or maybe to play a trick on you, dear LAC fans. Come on, cheer up guys, take advantage of this debacle to cut some basketball and think of something else, it feels good sometimes.

Source texte : Yahoo Sports

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