This has been the return to school in Córdoba | Radio Cordoba

The course started today in Córdoba for more than 67,000 schoolchildren in Early Childhood, Primary and Special Education.

5.735 professors and professors have incorporated today to the classrooms in the 235 schools public, private and concerted that there are in the province of Córdoba.

A course that according to the delegation of Eduacion, Inmaculada Troncoso, “has started without notable incidents “, but what It begins with the fear of the AMPAS due to the excess ratio in the centers and for what they consider to be a “lack of protocols and adequate facilities” to ensure the safety of students in schools.

In some of these centers, parents have decided not to take their children to class. It is the case of CEIP Al Ándalus, Joaquín Tena Artigas, Mirasierra or Aljoxani, in Córdoba capital.


The Aljoxani School It has only opened its doors this morning for a group of children and for just two hours. It is the response of the center’s management to the obligation of the Education Inspectorate, for the center to be officially opened.

Of moments, primary school students have started the course electronically, although the desire of the AMPA is to do it in person as soon as possible as long as the school adapts to health standards.


The AMPA of the Caballeros de Santiago school has once again denounced the closure of a line in the center, which today has started the course unifying in a single class the first and second grade students.

The start of the course has been marked by the absence of COVID support staff and the decrease in teaching staff after the loss of two teachers. This has been denounced by the AMPA and the director of the center, Alexandra González.

At the Lopez Dieguez School in the capital The Junta de Andalucía has rejected the unfolding of the morning classroom and dining room, which according to parents violates the covid protocol approved by the administration


In Aguilar de la Frontera, the Ampas of two of the three schools in the municipality have not taken their children to school. They are the students of the centers Doña María Coronel and Alonso de Aguilar, where parents do not agree with the covid protocol and believe that there is a lack of security in the center for minors.

Only 18 children have gone to school on this first day. The Ampas have basically asked that the ratio lower to guarantee a safe return to school


The delegate of Education Immaculate Troncoso he has called the AMPAS to tranquility.

Troncoso recalled that the liaison nurses have been appointed since Monday, that they are waiting for computers for the teaching staff due to the need for a non-face-to-face course. The only incident that is known to Education is the delay in the start of the dining room service for the students of Espejo and Cañete de las Torres


Health has already done tests for the teaching staff of the centers.

At the moment there are only five active cases of the more than 12,160 tests that have been carried out in our province. Is about 1 case in the South Sanitary District and 4 in the Córdoba-Guadalquivir Sanitary District.

The rest up to 71 people, including teaching and non-teaching staff, would have tested positive in rapid tests.

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