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this big health problem that could keep her locked in a wheelchair for life

This Tuesday, July 13, Mimie Mathy once again had an appointment with her fans. The famous actress actually offered the public a new episode of Josephine, Guardian Angel on the screens of TF1. An essential face of the French audiovisual landscape, the actress can also be delighted to be one of the favorite personalities of viewers. A happiness that sometimes contrasts with the many difficulties she has to face. Indeed, the star of the small screen has been fighting the disease for many years now. Objection therefore returns for you on this true example of courage.

Mimie Mathy: operations to avoid ending up in a wheelchair

A real dose of good humor

For many decades now, Mimie Mathy makes the heyday of TF1 with her successful series Josephine, Guardian Angel. However, the artist’s career cannot be reduced to this one serial. Indeed, since her beginnings at the café-theater, the sparkling Lyonnaise of origin multiplies the appearances on the stage and on the screen. Appeared in particular in programs such as Tomorrow belongs to us, Camping Paradise or more recently Dix percent, the former accomplice of Michèle Bernier and Isabelle de Botton always wins the admiration of those who follow her.

Married since 2005 to restaurateur Benoist Gérard, Mimie Mathy even seems to be a totally fulfilled woman. Very active in various charitable organizations, the actress does not hesitate to give of her person for causes dear to her heart. She therefore seems to know a real balance in life which allows her to constantly display a broad smile. However, behind this idyllic picture, unfortunately hides a sad reality. Mimie Mathy has already experienced major health problems that could one day force her to end up in a wheelchair. A subject on which she only expresses herself on very rare occasions and on which Objection comes back today for you.

Very heavy operations

At the height of the pandemic, Mimie Mathy was one of the first personalities to react publicly to support hospital staff. But we must admit that the actress knows this environment particularly well. Asked by Audrey Crespo-Mara in Sept at eight at the beginning of the year, the actress actually revealed that she had undergone several back operations: “I will always have a weak back, but I was fortunate to have met some wonderful doctors who helped me escape the wheelchair”. On many occasions, Mimie Mathy unfortunately had to notice that the disease was advancing at high speed.

During this interview, the star of Josephine, Guardian Angel moreover made astonishing revelations on the subject. Facing the journalist, Mimie Mathy remembers having fallen several times on the sets of Josephine, Guardian Angel. She would even have lost some mobility for a while. ” C‘is linked to my spine and my arch which has a tendency to get everything stuck. The nerves are compressed, it’s a bit like electric wires in a sheath that is a little too small. We saved that again and I’m still walking so I’m going to keep doing the scene again ”. But to remedy these problems, he unfortunately had to spend several times on the operating table. Moments that she remembers perfectly like Objection you’Explain at once.


During these periods of hospitalization, Mimie Mathy is however delighted to have been able to count on a very attentive hospital staff. Asked about the subject in the Journal du Sunday llast year, she wanted to particularly salute the commitment of all these women and men who do a wonderful job. His statement on the matter leaves no possible doubt as to his true admiration for the profession. In the midst of a pandemic of covid-19, Mimie Mathy had therefore decided to pay tribute to them: ”They are women who give meaning to life, like all those nurses who, for a modest salary, take care of others day and night. I had the misfortune to go through the hospital hut for a delicate back operation. And I saw them at work (…) devoted “.

As to whether Mimie Mathy has finally completely recovered from her various interventions, she does not comment on the subject. Nevertheless, the actress looks good have regained an optimal state of form. Also, she has no shortage of projects in the coming days. Recently, she was delighted to have been able to find in front of the cameras her former accomplices Isabelle de Botton and Michèle Bernier. A meeting that was scheduled to long time, but which had been postponed many times.

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