Third wave of COVID-19 is of less intensity: AMLO – Noticieros Televisa

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, assured this Monday, July 26, 2021 that the third wave of COVID-19 it is less intense and less harmful, and it is affecting young people more.

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“We are in fact in a situation that is once again special, there is a kind of regrowth, a third wave of infections, fortunately not the same as the first and especially not the same as the second, it is of less intensity and also less harmful because we have less hospitalizations and most important of all, fewer deaths, “he said during his morning press conference from Veracruz.

Lopez Obrador He added that this outbreak affects young people more because the adult population is already vaccinated. He noted that this shows that the decision to vaccinate older adults first was the right one.

He reiterated that his government decided to start vaccination with the elderly and the most vulnerable were protected.

The president said that vaccination will continue and again asked older adults who have not been vaccinated to come and do so.

“It is very important to be protected with the vaccine. It is proven that if you have the vaccine you have protection. There is a way to face COVID ”.

He assured that if you are vaccinated you are protected and added that vaccination is intensified because there is no other alternative to face the virus.

“The best thing is the vaccine. We must be very clear about that, if we are vaccinated we are protected ”, he said.

The president said he has had more than a million vaccinations a day.

With information from the Presidency of the Republic




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