Third free practice canceled, qualifying time announced on Sunday


The third free practice was just canceled due to bad weather, but there is also a big question mark behind the qualifying. If it cannot continue, it will be moved to Sunday morning. The time for this has now also been announced.

At the end of the morning it started to rain in Spielberg. Although Formula 3 still started, this race was halted after a few laps. The rainfall was too heavy to race safely. Shortly afterwards, the Formula 1 drivers got into their cars to prepare for the third free practice, but this was already postponed before being completely canceled. The weather conditions seem to be a bit better this afternoon and in that case qualifying could be done, CEO Ross Brawn said.

If it is not possible to qualify this afternoon, the qualification will be moved to Sunday morning. “There is a chance that we will be able to drive at the end of the day, but tomorrow it should be possible anyway,” said Brawn in conversation with Jenson Button. “We think we can fit everything in tomorrow, so there will be a qualifying in the morning.” If the qualification is indeed moved to tomorrow, it will change 10:00 am Sky Sports analyst Ted Kravitz announced.

If the weather conditions also throw a spanner in the works with regard to qualifying tomorrow, Formula 1 will still use the times of the second free practice to determine the starting line-up. In that case, that would be beneficial for Max Verstappen, because the Red Bull driver clocked the fastest time in this practice session. He would then be allowed to start in pole position.

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