Bilguun Ariunbaatar recorded an album with the band. What will it be about?


Bilguun Ariunbaatar is a comedian and TV presenter from Ulaanbaatar. On the TV screens Bilguun, whose name supposedly means what “brings good news“, appeared as unexpectedly as suddenly, thanks to the TVN program “Szymon Majewski Show” in 2010. – First I went to TVP, but they told me that with this look and language I am only suitable for Szymon – he joked on “Good Morning TVN”.

“Oh Karol, I adore you!”

From the beginning, his main occupation was circling the camera behind the scenes of various show business events and conducting broken Polish interviews with more or less surprised celebrities. Bilguun, introducing himself as a reporter for Mongolian television U1 Bator, asked questions suggesting that he is moderately oriented in Polish reality. To break the ice right every interlocutor assured that he loves him. – And I love Karol Strasburger the most – he confessed once, after hearing one of the famous jokes of the actor and host of “Familiada”.

The viewers quickly loved the sympathetic reporter, and our celebrities received the guest mainly pleasantly. Although it happened that the exotic guest was received by the stars with a little less emotionality – Kuba Wojewódzki, who did not want to talk, escaped from him, and Tomasz Kammel barely concealed his embarrassment.

In television programs he pretended to be distracted and poorly oriented in Polish reality a foreigner speaking broken Polish, in fact he has lived in Poland since childhood. His parents, doctors, left Mongolia in the 90s. He was 9 years old.

– What he does doesn’t give us much pride – Onet told in 2011 a person representing the Mongol minority in Poland who wanted to remain anonymous. – It’s great that he is doing so well and making a career, but we are afraid that our country will be perceived by him with a grain of salt, a bit like the homeland of fools. This happened with Kazakhstan after the success of “Borat” Sacha Baron Cohen.

“Fast Bill”

He studied medicine himself – he apparently gave up because he was completely absorbed in his career. After completing his adventure with Majewski’s programs (“HDw3D Telewizjaision” and “Szymon live”), he was the host of Viva Polska programs, co-hosted the backstage of “Dancing with the Stars. Dancing with the Stars” on the Polsat Café channel, he was also associated for a year with Radio Rock and hosted the original broadcast “Fast Bill” on Radio Zet.

Guest sang in “What is this melody?”, He also played in the performance of Krystyna Janda entitled “Pretending to be a victim” staged on the stage of the Warsaw “Och-Teatr”.

He also participated in the television programs “Dance with the Stars” (2011), “Your face sounds familiar” (2014) and “Celebrity Splash!” (2015). What’s more, he was a guest in one of the episodes of “Hell’s Kitchen. Hell’s Kitchen” (2015), as well as “Drunk History, half liter of history” (2017).

Photo: Piotr Bławicki / East News

Bilguun Ariunbaatar in 2011

One note each

In 2015, together with Rafał Żukowski, Paweł Paszczyk and Mateusz Banasiuk, he founded the rock band Lavina. Let us remind you that Banasiuk is a well-known actor, among others from Kuba’s role in the film “Floating Skyscrapers” by Tomasz Wasilewski or the role of Radek in the series “First Love”. He has been playing drums for years.

The band is preparing to release their debut album. What will it be about? This is a description of life experiences – Ariunbaatar admits that he writes about life dilemmas and about male-female relationships, mainly from autopsies. – Hard life situations, but also joyful, they mix into such a dry, bitter-sweet liquid – he said in May in “DDTVN”.

The band has already released the single “Spójrz”, which promotes the upcoming album. Maria Tyszkiewicz appears as a guest in it.

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