Thionville. € 17,000 hidden in the car: an Albanian convicted

In the jargon, we say that the dog “marked”. He spotted the presence of drugs in the cabin of an Albanian driver traveling on the A31, December 26, 2020, in the direction France-Luxembourg.

All it took was a simple check and a brief interrogation to put the chip in the ears of customs officials. The drug does not escape the keen smell of the animal, in the central console of the passenger compartment… on € 17,000 in cash. Despite the plastic film, the sleuth sniffs a deposit of cocaine. Finding attested by examining a few banknotes taken at random from the two pockets and analyzed later.

At the start of his hearing, the driver panics. Suggests that this money comes from savings intended to acquire a future vehicle. But at the bar of the Thionville criminal court, this Tuesday, January 12, the defendant, assisted by an interpreter, delivers a different version. “This sum belongs to a friend, but there is no question of implicating him in this affair. “

Blank locker

Prosecuted for customs laundering, because he did not declare the famous € 17,000 to Customs – an obligation starting at € 10,000 as soon as one crosses the French border – the respondent swears that he did not never given in the traffic of white powder and that justice has never had anything to reproach him with. His criminal record confirms it.

However, the customs representative and the public prosecutor believe that the defendant is not all white, despite the defense pleadings, which notes that only the transfer of money between Luxembourg and France has not been declared.

In the end, four months in prison fully accompanied by the suspension are notified to him. He will also have to pay a customs fine of € 8,500. And the € 17,000 was confiscated for the benefit of Customs.

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